Current Favorites

Here, you can buy my current favorites! Just click on the links and you’ll be sent straight to the stores site to purchase!!

Always wondered what that @LikeToKnow.It tag at the end of every Instagram caption is for (example)? It’s a site that allows me to include all the links from the items I’ve featured in the picture!
If you sign your email up at LikeToKnow.It, you’ll then be emailed direct links to the products featured in my Instagram picture every time you “like” one of my photos! How great is that?! That way, you’re not having to go through my blog or searching for the products and you can shop straight from your phone. I like to include the exact item, plus similar ones at more regular places we shop at and/or cheaper substitutes! You can also visit my LikeToKnow.It page directly here!
I also have a page, Instagram OOTD, for all the daily #ootd post that haven’t made it or have yet to make it to the blog! 😉

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